Circulation Service

Libraries are reservoirs of strength, grace and wit, reminders of order, calm and continuity, lakes of mental energy, neither warm nor cold, light nor dark. The pleasure they give is steady, unorgastic, reliable, deep and long-lasting In any library in the world, I am at home, unselfconscious, still and absorbed.

Circulation counter handles the front desk operations of the library. The major activities are

  • Issue and return of books
  • Attending the user query for effective interpretation of library rules and regulations
  • Sending SMS reminders to overdue documents
  • Maintenance of circulation module of library management software (Koha) maintenance and updating of all data related to library users
  • Maintaining records related to lost of book(s) and overdue charges
  • Collection of the overdue charges and paying the same to the finance section
  • No due issuing
  • Assisting the users for accessing OPAC and library catalogue
  • Attending the users query for effective interpretation of library rules and regulations
  • Conducting academic tours to the institute library for visitors and students from other institutes
  • Granting permission to outsiders to use the library
  • Generating reports and statistics for the circulation

Issue Return Procedures

Issue/Return of library materials is the routine operation of any library. The Proper sequence of activities for issue and receipt of library books is defined as follows:

While Issuing Book:

  • A quick glance is cast while issuing the book for any damage
  • Details into issue database are entered
  • The books are handed over to the users.

While receiving the books:

  • A quick glance is cast while receiving the book for any damage
  • Due dates are checked for necessary action
  • The books are sent to stack for shelving .


All the students, faculty members and employees of the institute are entitled for the membership of the library

Borrowing Rules

  • The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to members only
  • The members are provided with RFID-enabled identity cards
  • Identity cards must be produced for borrowing books. These cards are not transferable
  • The reader should check the books thoroughly for missing pages, chapters etc., while getting them issued
  • No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the users on return. Damaged books will have to be replaced by the borrower
  • Loss of Identity card should be reported immediately to the Librarian
  • Books issued will not be accepted back on the same day
  • Loss of book must be reported immediately. Late fee, if any, will be charged till the loss of book is reported
  • Books are re-issued / renewed only if there are no claims
  • Readers will be charged with fine for overdue loans @ Re.5/- per book per day; the membership will be cancelled
  • after a period of 5 days of non-return of the books
  • Reference books, Theses, CDs and loose issues / bound volumes of periodicals will not be issued
  • Every user is requested to check the status of books outstanding against his/her name soon after a transaction in the counter.
  • Discrepancy, if any, should be brought to the notice of the person in the counter immediately. Any complaint thereafter is not likely to be entertained

Borrowing facilities

  • The number of books permitted and the duration for borrowing books varies according to the category of members as follows
  • Borrowed books must be returned within / on due date mentioned in the date slip of the document issued
Sl.No. Patron Category Current Checkouts Allowed Loan Period Fine Amount in Rs. Fine Charging Interval
1 Deans & Heads of the Department 10 30 days    
2 Associate , Assistant Professor 6 30 days    
3 Temporary Staff , Project Staff 3 30 days    
4 Research Scholar & Post Graduate Students 3 7 days Rs. 5.00 1 day
5 Under Graduate 2 7 days Rs. 5.00 1 day

Documents that can be borrowed

  • Books from the general shelf can be borrowed
  • Demand Books can be borrowed only for one day

Documents that cannot be borrowed

  • Journals, Bound Volumes, Loose issues of journals and the latest available issue of the magazines are to be referred within library premises and are not available for issuing out.
  • CD ROMS, DVDs and audio video cassettes cannot be borrowed
  • Theses and Dissertations are not issuable

Overdue charges

  • Books that are returned after the due date are considered overdue. Uniform fine policy was approved by the library committee
  • A fine amount of Rs. 5.00 per day per book is collected from the students as overdue charges

Loss or Mutilation of Documents

  • Library materials are handled with care
  • If a borrowed book is lost or mutilated beyond usable condition, then the user informs the library in the prescribed form
  • A Lost book should be replaced by same or latest edition of new book with overdue charges
  • Overdue charges are not levied in such cases from the date of report until the same is replaced (is resolved within a month)
  • Incase, it cannot be replaced the following norms will apply

For Indian / Foreign publishers

Recovery conditions (calculated from the date of acquisition) Recovery Amount
Up to 5 years Double the cost of the document
>5 years but <= 10 years Triple the cost of the document
>10 years but <=15 years Four times the cost of the document
>15 years Five times the cost of the document

Theft / Misuse of Library Resources

  • The theft or abuse of library resources like books, journals, theses, and dissertations will be viewed seriously
  • Each case will be examined and the matter will be reported to the concerned authorities

No dues certificate

  • No Dues Certificate’ concerning library membership will be issued by the library only after the library dues are fully cleared upon completion of programme.
  • An employee can get “No dues Certificate” for resignation / relieving only after fully clearing his/her library account.

Library Access by visitors: Day membership and charges

  • Interested students/ researchers from outside are allowed to utilize the library resources if they produce valid identity cards with appropriate permission letter and register as day members by paying a daily library fee of Rs. 100.

Loss of Library Identity card

  • Loss of ID card should be reported to the library through their respective class teachers
  • Fill up the Duplicate Identity Requisition form
  • Rs.200 has to be paid in the finance section to obtain a duplicate card
  • Duplicate identity card issued