e-thesis Submission Guide

Guidelines for Submission of Thesis / dissertation in DVD to Central Library, Avinashilingam Institution for Home Science and Higher Education for Women

Shodhganga Forms

Our Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding under Shodhganga project with UGC-INFLIBNET. Shodhganga is a repository of Indian Electronic Thesis and Dissertations. It requires submission of the thesis online in the shodhganga repository. The Institute is in the process of facilitating smooth implementation of the project

  • Authentication Certificate : Scanned copy of duly filled ‘Thesis/Dissertation Authentication Certificate’ (Annexure-1) to be signed by the research scholar that the thesis/dissertation contained in the CD/DVD is complete in all respect and is same as submitted in print and has been checked for plagiarism.
  • The candidate shall have to submit two soft copies to the Institute. The soft copy shall be written on CD strictly in accordance with the instructions appended (Annexure-2) & (Annexure-4)
  • Consent Form for Digital Archiving: Scanned copy of ‘Consent Form for Digital Archiving’ (Annexure-3) duly signed by the research scholar has to be submitted.
  • The CD shall be invariably marked with the details (using permanent marker) such as: Year of Submission, Reg No., Name of the Candidate and Title of thesis.
  • In case the candidate is instructed by the Institute to incorporate corrections in the thesis, while resubmitting, the corrected copy CD should be submitted adhering to the point 2
  • The contents of the Theses and Dissertations are to be verified by the designated library staff in accordance with the guidelines.
  • After satisfactory verification, designated library staff will be uploaded in Shodhganga

Annexure-1 (Thesis/Dissertation Authentication Certificate)

  • Name of the Research Scholar
  • Roll No.
  • Degree – M.Phil / Ph.D
  • Department
  • Guide
  • Thesis/Dissertation Title
  • Date of Submission
  • Declaration

I hereby certify that the Ph.D. / M.Phil thesis/dissertation contained in this CD/DVD is in accordance with the guidelines issued by Avinashilingam Institute for this purpose and complete in all respect, It is also certified that it is same as submitted in print and has also been checked for plagiarism using Urkund - anti plagiarism software.

  • 1. Signature of the Research Scholar with date :
  • 2. Signature of the Research Guide with date :
  • Forwarded by the HOD :

Annexure-2 (Thesis/Dissertation Metadata Form)

Annexure-3 Consent Form for Digital Archiving Page. No.

Annexure-4 Guidelines for writing Ph.D. thesis on CD Page. No.