• Who can be a member of the Library?

    All students, faculty members of the Institute are authorized to use the library

  • What are the issue/return timings in the library?

    • The circulation timing is : 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM.
    • On weekends and other holidays no circulation
  • What is OPAC?

    OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. This is a database of all books, journals, theses, Back volumes etc., available in the library. It enables speedy searching of a particular book, books on a given subject, and/or a book by an author.

  • How do I search books (in Catalogue (OPAC)?

    • Go to the library home page http://www.aulibrary.avinuty.ac.in
    • There is a search box with the caption “Search Catalogue (OPAC)”.
    • Enter a word or words from the title or subject or author of a book you like to search. Press enter.
    • It will list all books matching the words you input.

    To search a Book (Basic Search)

    • The Basic Search Window will ask for the title to search
    • Enter the title or keyword
    • In the search result, you can find all the details of the book such as the location of the book or whether it is available on a shelf or issued

    To search a Book (Advanced Search)

    • If you know the title and author then go to the advanced search link available in the basic search window
    • Type the title and select the field type as “Title” and Boolean operator “and” and type the author and select the field type as “Author”
    • In the search result, you can find all the details of the book such as the location of the book or whether it is available on a shelf or issued
  • What is the Issue/Return (KIOSK) Facility?

    A self-service (KIOSK) facility allows a faster and more efficient way of borrowing and returning books. Users can place their RFID-enabled Identity card and Issue/Return the books themselves. They can also check their transaction details using KIOSK and take a printed receipt

  • Is there a fine for late return (Over-due) of books?

    Yes, if she fails to return the books within a prescribed period of time. A member is required to pay a late fee, per day per book Rs.5 only/-

  • I have lost a book, what am I required to do?

    • If a borrowed book is lost or mutilated beyond usable condition, then the user informs the library in the prescribed form
    • The lost book should be replaced by the same or latest edition of a new book with overdue charges
  • Can I renew the issued book in my name for one more fortnight?

    Yes , but check with the library circulation counter whether the book is reserved by anyone else. If not, the book can be renewed.

  • Can I borrow Journals, Back volume or magazines?

    No, journals, back volumes and magazines are meant for reference inside the library only. These materials cannot be borrowed.

  • Can the library borrow documents from other libraries?

    Yes, the Library can arrange books and copies of articles on inter-library loan from other libraries.

  • Can I bring my own book or books issued from the library?

    • No, you are not allowed to bring the personal book / books issued from the library.
    • In no case, issued books are allowed to bring into the library for reading purpose.
  • Can I take Photocopy of the reading materials or personal book in the library?

    • Yes, you can take the photocopy of library materials and personal materials by paying the appropriate fee.
  • Can the students from other institutions use the Library Facility?

    Yes, interested students/ researchers from outside are allowed to utilize the library resources if they produce valid identity cards with appropriate permission letter and register as day members by paying a daily library fee of Rs. 25.