Library Committee

The library shall be managed and administered by a Library Committee under the supervision and control of the Board of Management. The Library Committee is responsible for the performance of its duties and the exercise of its powers. The function of the Library Committee is to support the functioning of the library so in order to facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. The Committee’s main objective is to aid in the establishment of a bridge between the Library and the academic fraternity and the institute administration. The Library Committee acts as a channel of communication and dialogue between the library and its users.


Library Committee consists of the following members

S.No Personnel Status
1 The Vice Chancellor or her nominee Chairman
2 Five Professors of Avinashilingam Institute nominated by the Vice Chancellor Member
3 One Associate Professor nominated by the Vice Chancellor Member
4 One Assistant Professor nominated by the Vice Chancellor Member
5 Two External Experts in the field of Library Science and Information system Member
6 The Registrar Member
7 The Librarian Member Secretary

The members of Library Committee, other than the Registrar and Librarian, shall hold office for a period of two years

Frequency of Meeting

The committee shall meet at least two times in an academic year (April- March)


One-third of total membership in the committee shall form the quorum.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Exercise general supervision over the Institution Library
  • Frame Regulations for the management and use of the Library, subject to the approval of Academic Council
  • Allocate funds to various Departments for buying books/ journals (both in soft and hard copies), assess the requirements of the Library and formulate budget to be submitted to the Authorities concerned
  • Acquire books and journals and other related materials ( both in hard and soft copies) and formulate guidelines for such acquisition and periodic stock verification, allocation of tasks to library staff, library discipline, user-services, inter-library cooperation and networking
  • To ensure proper library management and its use including the services rendered to the readers
  • Review the functioning of the Library on an annual basis
  • Consider any matter referred to it by the authorities of the Institute
  • Recommend for appointing a sub-committee for Book Selection
  • Frame and amend any rules prescribed for the use of the Library services by the readers
  • To consider policy matters regarding the library including the policy for procurement of books and journals and render advice to the library for procurements
  • Ensure scrutiny and approve the indents for books received from various departments /faculties /centres
  • Ensure that the Library Identity Cards are distributed to the newly admitted students within thirty days after their admission in the Institute
  • To monitor and evaluate, from time to time, trends and developments in information technologies, networking, library automation, library cooperation etc., and to advice the library for adoption
  • Have powers to authorize individuals or institutions from outside to make use of library services on a temporary basis
  • Prepare an annual report of the Library System and submit the same to the Registrar

Meeting Notice

The Member Secretary (Librarian) shall issue the notice of convening the meeting along with the copy of the Agenda notes to each member at least seven days before the meeting of the committee after obtaining the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

Minutes of the meeting

Minutes of various meetings shall be recorded by the Member secretary and circulated to all the members for consideration and approval.

Library Purchase Committee

  • The Library Purchase Committee shall be a sub-committee of the Library Committee. The Vice-chancellor nominates the members like Deans, Finance officer and external and internal experts in the concerned field with Librarian as a member secretary.
  • This committee helps to procure product for the library
  • The responsibility of Library Purchase Committee is to monitor the procuring process of library resources.
  • The committee verifies the technical specification and negotiates for finalizing the rates